Hear The Songs That Helped Erykah Badu Become A "Child of the Funk."

New York Magazine, for reasons we're not wholly aware of, went ahead and caught up with Erykah Badu this week, just to find out why she's so goddamn funk -- a fair question, always, I guess.

In response, Badu created the magazine a playlist of her favorite funky jams -- 14 of them, to be precise -- and referencing the likes of Chaka Kahn, Prince, the Isley brothers, Quincy Jones, Parliament, The Doobie Brothers. Oh, and not to be outdone, she included one of her own tracks on the playlist, too -- 1997's still-phenomenal "On and On."

After the jump, we let Badu explain why she included herself on the mix. For the rest of that playlist, though, head on over to New York Magazine's feature.

Says Badu of "On and On":

"I remember when I knew that I had a true platform, in 1997, Baduizm came out, and it was my music, it was real, it was true. On the radio, I remember how it felt, whenever I heard those songs, the millions and billions of atoms mixed up inside of you, oh, Lord, it was beautiful."

As good an argument for inspiration as any, no doubt.

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