Hear Western Giants' "Once We Reach The Other Side" and Catch the Band Tonight at Dan's Silverleaf. Also? Try The Band's New Salsa.

Since taking most of the summer off in order to record new material, Denton's Western Giants is back and ready to perform some new material tonight at Dan's Silverleaf.

With two EPs under its belt, Western Giants expects a full-length to hit the streets this fall. And, besides showcasing new material tonight, Western Giants will also be debuting the band's own brand of homemade salsa, which will be for sale at the merchandise table. Fans can grab a jar of Western Giants salsa while enjoying the band's interesting take on Americana.

To further celebrate, Kennon Talley and crew were happy to pass along the splendidly spaghetti western-tinged "Once We Reach The Other Side," for the listening pleasure of DC9 readers. The song appeared on an EP that came out this past March. Check it out after the jump, where unfortunately, there is no salsa to be had.

Bonus mp3:

Western Giants -- "Once We Reach The Other Side"

Pretty cool stuff. Hopefully, the new stuff will be along these lines, too. Kind of reminds me of Calexico--and that, my friends, is a very good thing. Looks like the guys in Western Giants have had a very productive summer.

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