Here is a GIF and a Vine of The Best Dancers/Humans at Summer Cut 2013

Summer Cut was a good time, partly because the bands were generally so high energy. And while the crowd was in high spirits, not very many people were full-on dancing. It's a long show, it was hot outside. You have to pace yourself. Unless, that is, you are these two, who we first noticed making moves during Matt & Kim. That's who's on stage above (and below, in the Vine).

Normally, even truly enthusiastic dancers still only have a few moves. I'm not one to judge -- I have exactly zero moves, so anyone competently shaking any body part to any beat is doing better than I usually am. But these two were always doing something different, moving in all directions, and it wasn't just for Matt & Kim. They kept going all the way through the Avett Brothers.

So our hats are off to you, the MVPs of Summer Cut 2013. If you're wondering what it looks like to truly enjoy live music, this is it.

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