Fight Bite's Leanne Macomber at the band's CMJ showcase at Pianos in NYC. (Stereogum)

Hey, Fight Bite's Emerald Eyes Finally Gets Its Official Release Today! Also: Some Insight!

Welcome home wishes are in order today for Fight Bite, Denton's sometimes polarizing, but definitely (ahem) buzz-worthy act. The band recently returned to North Texas after taking to New York City to perform as part of the CMJ Music Marathon in New York City, along with hundreds of other blog-beloved acts from across the nation (and beyond).

Also, in the other big Fight Bite news of the day, the band's lush Emerald Eyes album finally earned its official release today (get it through iTunes or order yer copy here, even though--get this--Amazon's already ran out of its stock of the sucker). And keep an eye out for our no doubt definitive review of the disc in next week's paper.

Lastly, since we're already talking 'bout the band, might as well link to this fairly recent Q&A session it had with the music blog Music is Art. In it, FB chanteuse Leanne Macomber gives some insight perhaps into the band's sometimes-spotty live performances.

Do you enjoy to perform live? How does the band like to get ready and is there a favorite song that you like to play for your audience?

I love it but I actually kind of dread playing live. Sound guys in Texas hate you if you don’t play “real” instruments like banjos. Our recording process is very tedious and highly controlled, making the live translation a bit difficult. I usually need a bottle of wine to get in front of people—which can lead to some errors I’ll admit—but I’m pretty shy in real life. My favorite song to play live is "Swissex Lover", but covers are a lot of fun too.

Good to know, on so many levels. --Pete Freedman

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