Home Life With Laurie Anderson. Oh, And Lou Reed, Too!?!?

In this week’s not-yet-online Night & Day section, I wrote up a quick blurb about Laurie Anderson’s Homeland, which features Anderson, Tuvan throat singers, violin players and more, all colliding over an electro foundation, to take on the political and social topics of modern day America.

It employs different themes and “settings” to address the current obsession with technology and info as related to security and comfort. It’s heavy shit, for sure, but who’s better to handle it than a woman that has achieved notoriety through performance arts—a scary, fluctuating medium in and of itself. So, yes, Anderson’s Homeland is certainly something to flock to on Sunday at SMU's McFarlin Auditorium. (Just know she won’t be busting out 1981’s “O, Superman.”)

But--oh wait--there's another pretty damn good reason.

It came today, in an announcement, from TITAS, the performing arts organization hosting Ms. Anderson in Dallas. Her hubby, whom you may or may not know as--um, hello--THE Lou Reed, will be performing with Anderson during Sunday's performance.

Yeah, that’s what I said.

The Queen of quirky, thought-provoking musical social commentary and the King of uh, well, quirky, thought-provoking musical social commentary. The punky nymph and the Velvet rebel join up to confound crowds at SMU…and you, if you’re lucky.

For tickets, call 214-528-5576 or visit titas.org. --Merritt Martin

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