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Hop Onto The Dallas Lilith Fair Bill. Or Maybe Open For The Rocket Summer.

A couple interesting items in the inbox this morning for local musicians looking to add some high-profile gigs to their resume. So, hey, might as well pass 'em along, yeah?

First up a chance to open for The Rocket Summer on Friday, February 26, when Bryce Avary stops on by the Granada Theater to celebrate the release of his upcoming full-length album, Of Men and Angels. The Grapevine native is looking to add a local opener to his bill, for what he's calling "a chance of a lifetime," sure enough. Bands interested in the opportunity are asked to pass along a performance clip to this email address. A winner will be selected and announced on Friday, February 19, so applications, one assumes, are required ASAP.

Secondly, the returning-this-summer Lilith Fair is looking for local and (one assumes) female talent to add to its many stops around the country this summer. The touring festival, which has yet to announce when it's coming to town, is already set to feature local products Erykah Badu, Norah Jones and Erun McCarley. Lilith hopefuls are asked to create a profile page at this Web site set up specifically for the cause, where they will then be added into an online voting pool set to open April 1.

Best of luck to all entrants.

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Pete Freedman
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