Hope You Remembered To Register To Vote Today (And Other News!)

So, it's October 6. Last day in the State of Texas to register to vote for next month's presidential election. Hope you remembered. If not, you're a pretty detestable American. That, and you probably won't appreciate the above video at all.

It's called "Obamarama," and it comes from a collective of area musicians (Bucks Burnett, Salim Nourallah, Rip Rowan) calling themselves The DemoCats.

"The song is primarily a hard rock number that is 100% pro-Obama," writes Burnett in a press release accompanying the video. "but [it] is also offered specifically as a protest against the abusive tactics of John McCain, who has been using copyrighted rock songs in his campaign, without permission of the artists and composers. Most people do not understand that this practice is not only rude and manipulative, but that it is actually a violation of federal copyright law."

Not sure how valid that last part is, so long as McCain's, y'know, paying for the music and all. But, still, there's a point to be had in there, I guess...

...In other local music news, Black Tie Dynasty's new album, Down Like Anyone came out today on iTunes, where it is currently available for purchase. Got sent my promo copy today but haven't had a chance to listen to it, so no comment yet on whether or not it's worth a buy...

...Oh, and, lastly, I Love Math has a new music video out (see it after the jump) for the song "Some Bridges Are For Burning." If you ever wanted to see what it might be like to ride around in a car with a singing John Dufilho, it's basically a dream come true. --Pete Freedman

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