I Love Math To Play New Wednesday Night Series At New Uptown Pub

Feargal McKinney and his partners at Old Monk, BlackFriar and Idle Rich quietly opened a new restaurant and pub in Uptown over the weekend, and with the help of booking agent Chelsea Callahan will bring a welcome breath of fresh air to the area in the form of music that is live, local and original.

Renfield's Corner (2603 Routh St., at the former Tribeca location) will have bands perform at 10 p.m. every Wednesday. The shows will be free, single-band affairs beginning tomorrow night with John Dufilho's I Love Math. After a week off for St. Patrick's Day next week, Dove Hunter will perform on March 24.

Callahan cautions against getting expectations too high at first, as there is no permanent P.A. or sound dampening set up yet in the small back room where shows will take place. But she hopes to work those kinks out soon.

"I know East Dallas probably doesn't want to go to Uptown, but it's free, and they actually have a parking lot," she says. "And hopefully Uptown will appreciate seeing good live music that's local."

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