Idol Records Rerelease Dead Flowers and Dove Hunter Records with Expanded Tracks

Dallas-based Idol Records has long been a lighthouse for fans of local music. For the uninitiated, Idol's roster of past and present artists is a great resource for anyone looking to get acquainted with some of the great rock bands to emerge from North Texas in recent times.

In the past couple of years, Idol has released stellar new albums from notable names such as the O's, Calhoun, These Machines are Winning, Little Black Dress and Here Holy Spain, among many others. At this point, however, the Erv Karwelis-led record label is perhaps in a nostalgic mode. Two intriguing and very different types of reissues are currently taking center stage in the Idol universe.

In June, Idol and perhaps its most promising, rowdy rock act, Dead Flowers, managed to improve upon the group's gnarly 2013 For You full-length by pressing the greasy southern rock onto a bunch of grooved 180 gram vinyl slabs. We loved the album then, and now there's even more to love. The best part about this quick trip down memory lane, however, is that a new album from Dead Flowers in on the way later this summer with details soon to emerge.

With the vinyl reissue, a cover of the Replacements classic "Can't Hardly Wait" has been included. The throaty, partied-out vocals of lead singer Corey Howe fit the iconic garage-rock song's spirit really well. But make no mistake, the entire collection is suited for playing under a turntable's needle.

But that's not where the fun ends. In the same reissue-before-a-new-issue vein, Idol is reminding those who need it that Dove Hunter's debut album, The Southern Unknown, is worth your time. Rereleased on July 29th with new artwork, the swaggering record has also been remastered, but again, we liked the original as it was presented to us way back when, so we're sure the 2.0 version will be a killer one.

So check that out as you gear up for the band's next album, to be released by Idol later this year, Black Cloud Erupt Us. Dove Hunter is also playing tomorrow night at the Doublewide with American Werewolf Academy and the Naptime Shake, so if you ask nicely, perhaps they'll play a few new tunes for you.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.