Idol Rich: And Then There Were Two North Texans...

WTF, America? Lilly Scott had the right sentiment when she was kicked off last night, as she wondered what America wanted to hear, and lamented the loss of strong talent from the competition (including herself).

And I can't help but feel bad for talking up ol' Todrick Hall and Alex Lambert yesterday. I sorta feel like it was a jinx or something. Because they got the stage hook, so to speak, and, as I'd said yesterday, their competition deserved it a great deal more.

Andrew Garcia, for example. The guy just keeps racing to catch up with his acoustic rendition of Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" from Hollywood Week and he's never made it. But he somehow beat out our North Texas boys with an acoustic (wow, shocker) version of "Genie in a Bottle."

And, oh, that young, irritating Aaron Kelly. He performed Lonestar's "I'm Already There" and barely hit three notes in a row, but I'm guessing the ass-handing three out of four judges gave him earned him some sympathy votes.

The sympathy I really felt, however, was for young Alex Lambert--mullet and all (I'm over wanting him to cut it)--as he broke down in tears and then had to perform LaMontagne's "Trouble" all over again. It was rough. And I didn't feel like the other contestants crying were just doing it for show. You could tell they were sad and shocked and empathetic. It was a surprisingly good performance for his emotional state and Ellen told him (of course, because we wouldn't expect her not to) to never stop believing in himself.

If they had to pick a young Texan to leave, they should have picked Tim Urban.

Todrick Hall was up against Lee Dewyze and I thought, "Oh, for sure, Lee's going." Then I got worried, remembering that Ellen said viewers were crushing on Dewyze. And they axed Hall: "Awww, man, what?!" And he did a pretty good reprise of his Queen gospel "Somebody to Love."

Not as powerful, but spot-on in terms of pitch and implied bird-flippage.

Judge Kara had the same reaction as I did to both announcements. And to Lilly Scott's dismissal and Katelyn Epperly's. And that reaction was not one of happiness.

Most of the judges seemed to agree.

All four competitors kicked off last night should've been passed along to the next round. And in their places should've been Aaron Kelly, Andrew Garcia (or Lee Dewyze), Katie Stevens and Ingrid Michaelson--wait, I mean Didi Benami (unless she stops over enunciating and copycatting every singer/songwriter chick that wants to play an NPR segment).

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