Idol Rich: "Blue Skies" Were Smiling on Casey James

American Idol opened its results show with the Top Five performing a medley of Frank Sinatra classics and the announcement that, next week, the remaining contestants would get the guidance of Jamie Foxx.

Genre? Songs of the cinema. With Foxx, I would've expected vocal impersonations (what up, Faux Ray Charles!), but I digress.

After the Ford music video (Plain White Ts' "1,2,3,4") we were regaled with a video package of what the contestants do on Tuesdays. Um, K. Clearly this show doesn't still need to be an hour long if there's that much attention given to the fact that they really like it when it's burrito breakfast day.

Lady Gaga performed "Alejandro" in a fishnet body stocking, bra and thong surrounded by male dancers in high-waisted undies. It was risque for Idol, but visually entertaining. The crowd went wild but I'm guessing there were just a few too many 'rents in the audience because there were zero reaction shots. She's an icon, to be sure, but I'm not real sure how she fit into the show. 

After another video package of Harry Connick, Jr. cutting up during mentor sessions, he performed a sleepy jazzy version of the Beatles' "And I Love Her" off his new album. Of the out-takes, two faves included HCJ telling Casey's mom on the phone that her son was "one ugly son of a gun" and his declaration that instead of being a mentor he thought he might try being a centaur. I really love centaur jokes. Also, his biting humor and sarcasm caught some of the contestants off guard and, you know, there's nothing like a little schadenfreude to help you through a too-long episode of Idol.

The T5 then did a medley of Connick's songs with him on keys and all of them--especially Casey--were better than they'd been the previous night.

So who got sent home? In the end, I predicted well--in the sense that the opposite of what I say usually happens.

Crystal, Lee and Casey were safe. Mike and Aaron were in the bottom and the Wee Aaron Kelly was sent home after his swan song of "Fly Me to the Moon."

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Casey, your guitar is calling. Find it and don't let go.

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