Idol Rich: Fare Thee Well, Casey James

That small-town charm, camera-ready look and actual musical skill--though a little jam-bandy--couldn't win Casey James the title of American Idol...or get him into the finale.

Gotta say I would've traded Lee DeWyze for the CeeJer if only because both CJ and Crystal Bowersox incorporated their own original songs into their home trip video packages. Original material earns an Idol card in my book. I'm not even sure that Lee has original music because he's never really mentioned it.

I could be wrong, but if not, sounds like ol' LD's prime for molding by a record label.

Anyway, despite seeing Casey lose to the paint salesman, it was totally entertaining and sorta enjoyable to see him legitimately freaked out on his trip home by the screaming hoards of brace-faced teens and that one woman who had him sign... her... dachshund... puppy. He went from Fox morning show to AT&T store to Key's to Fort Worth Stockyards to Wildflower Festival, with a stop in the middle to thank the doctors and nurses that helped save his life after an accident several years ago. I gotta admit, that part was touching--he got so choked up, he couldn't even read aloud the inscription on his guitar, so he handed it to the good doctor to do it for him.

But anyway, in honor of his departure on last night's episode, after the jump, we've posted a few of Caseys' most well-regarded moments from his time on American Idol. Enjoy.

"Hold On, I'm Coming"

"Jealous Guy"

"It's All Over Now"

Check out more of Casey James' performances


, if you have a mind to.

Otherwise, I'll probably be back with a touch more snark next week because well, for cryin' out loud, there's only one week left and I'm gunning for a CJ and TUrban reunion of epic proportions.

Also--fair warning--someone's going to have to comment me off the ledge if Lee wins.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.