Idol Rich: It's a "Hound Dog" of a Week!

Elvis week, people. Elvis week.

Lots to choose from. Lots of disappointments.

And Idol alum Adam Lambert was the mentor, so that means there was lots of make-up... as well as inappropriate jokes about inches and tongues from Ryan Seacrest.


On a positive note, though, Lambert was one of the first mentors to be straight-up about each contestant.


"I wanted more."

Loved his honesty...and his drag queen's Elvis hair.

As for what's next? Remember: Tonight we lose two contestants, so it's a bigger deal than usual. After the jump, a check-in on our our remaining North Texas contestants fared.

I'm guessing our Tim Urban and Casey James are going to be just fine.

Andrew Garcia, however? Not so much. There are a few others who sucked as well, but just not as horrifically as Garcia. So it's a toss-up for the second homeward bound between Aaron, Siobhan and Lee.

Duncanville's TUrban (Seacrest used this nickname last night so he must be reading--hi, Ryry!) busted out "Can't Help Falling In Love." No, wait. He didn't bust it out, so much as he Damien Rice-d it up. A stool and guitar and three shades away from "The Blower's Daughter." It was a pretty impressive demonstration of vocal tone and control, actually. I can't believe it was, but it was.

Randy said, "This may surprise you: I actually liked it!" Ellen likened Tim to tequila. She said the first couple of shots she didn't like, then it grew on her and she ended up falling in love with him. Kara loved it, and cited it as her favorite Tim performance. Simon used the "zero to hero" cliche and congratulated him for taking the judges' advice like a pro.

Casey James went with "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" and it was consistent and well, predictable. Adam wanted him to give the arrangement but he didn't, and I found it real, real boring. But his vocal and guitar was on par with prior performances so I guess that's cool. Seacrest calling him sexy? That was not cool.

Randy too, felt it wasn't anything new or different, but it was solid. Ellen thought he looked comfortable surrounded by women and thought it wasn't very exciting. Kara thought it fell short. Simon thought it was a "wasted opportunity" but that the vocal was good. We shall see.

Local guys can stay--yes, even Timmy--but that Andrew Garcia has got to go. Like, now. Someone put him in a taxi.

Results tomorrow!

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