Idol Rich: One North Texan in the Bottom Three

Tim Urban was the second of the American Idol contestants to end up in the dreaded "Bottom Three" on the painfully long voting results show. It looked like Casey James might end up there too, but then it came down to him and Panhandle Texan Lacey Brown to fill the last space. The red-headed nymph from Amarillo kept ol' Casey safe...and was ultimately kicked to the curb.

So it was just T-ville (for Tim of Duncanville, naturally), Lacey and Paige Miles on the clearly uncomfortable stools while various performers needlessly took the stage. Orianthi was bland and Ke$ha was shrill and truly overrated. Lucky for him, Ryan put Tim out of his misery just in time for him to return to the other contestants and watch her screech her latest single--you know, the one that should just be called "Not Tick Tock."

It was at said dismissal from possible elimination that Tim really sealed the deal for me. The deal that says I will give him credit should he do something worthy, and admit he could very well be quite nice in person, but I will never truly like him on Idol. Why? Because when Ryan called his name as the first safe one of the three, he made that fake "humble surprise" face I've already mentioned hating

And so I raged. I yelled out that he is a faker and that was it totally inappropriate to make the HSF at his fellow B3s. Then, he made it again on the way back to Safe Couch--and while that may be more acceptable since he was essentially conveying shock to all fellow safe contestants, it was still really, truly irksome. 

I'm on the level when I say that I'd love to be able to root on the hometowner. Hell, I came around on Mullet Boy Alex Lambert and I threw fist bumps at my TV for Todrick Hall, so clearly it's not Lone Star Loathing. I kinda even like Casey, even though I think he's too much like the blues-rock acts that have already sprung from the area. But even if Tim owned a performance and I got really excited in the moment, that HSF would just kill it for me.

I'm just not looking for the next Irksome Idol.

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Merritt Martin
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