Idol Rich: There's No Saving Casey James of Tim Urban Now...

K, you know how I said yesterday that because I was kinda-sorta nice about Tim Urban's Beatles performance, that he'd either get kicked off or one of my faves would be?

Well, I was was right.

Someone was trying to punish me. But not really. But kinda. Because, see "Big Mike" Lynche, the badass who had his first kinda meh night with the Lennon/McCartney challenge wound up in the bottom three... with Li'l Tiny Aaron Kelly and one-gimmick Andrew Garcia.

And they were both safe. Stupid, stupid, America. What about the locals?

Casey James and young Tim were both safe, but it wasn't important. It was expected and, well, they were clearly shocked by the B3 situation at hand.

Also, after Aaron Kelly was allowed to return to Safe Couch, I was shocked that 1G and Big Mike had to sit there and pretend to be excited to watch Rihanna whilst they awaited their fate.

Bogus move.

And so Big Mike was declared the Big Loser and Andrew wrongly went to Safe Couch as the camera watch Mrs. Lynche bawl. And then he sang "for his life." Seriously. That's what Seacrest said. Sing for his life. WTF? It's not like someone was going to come out and say, "Nope, that reprise of Kate Bush's 'This Woman's Work' just didn't do it. Your execution will be scheduled post haste." The phrase is just a hair on the melodramatic side, don't you agree? Perhaps, sing for your spot. Sing for your second chance. Something... realistic. Not terrifying. But whatever. He did sing. The Bush/Maxwell song, in fact. And why do we care since he's not from here?

Because the judges unanimously gave Lynche the one-time only save. Which not only means that should someone like Casey James could wrongfully end up in the go-home position he can't be saved from, but also that two Idol hopefuls go home next week.

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