Idol Rich: WTF, Seriously? TUrban Hangs On for Another Week

No one was remotely worried about Casey James this week. And with good reason. That dude was safer than safe.

But after landing in the Bottom Three AGAIN, Tim Urban survived to watch another, more emotive singer, be sent home.

Not saying the dissed Didi Benami's "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted" was awesome--it soooo wasn't. But Timmy's take on Anita Baker was horrendous.

After the jump, your proof... with scary-eyes.

Usher and Diddy (or as Seacrest referred to him, Diddy Dirty Money) had visually entertaining performances--which is to say the pyrotechnics were cool and the dancers had sweet moves. Diddy's vocals were lacking. Ruben Studdard also performed and I really have no recollection of what song it was or anything about it, other than I was vaguely creeped out. And Justin fucking Bieber was in the audience with his doll hair and 40-year-old speaking voice. So strange. So baby strange. Conan and Aziz Ansari have it right--that kid needs to go away.

Oh, and Tim Urban needs to go home next week. That's a direct order, America.

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