If, For Some Reason, You're Not Watching The Mavericks Tonight...

...we've got two show-going options for you.

Aaron Burton at The Goat
On just about each and every Tuesday evening, one can head down to The Goat and catch the Delta blues stylings of homeboy Aaron Burton. As a matter of fact, Burton brings in new guests each week to showcase the Delta blues genre. Burton's a great guitarist and a nice singer as well. Hopefully, he's working on the follow-up to last year's Recession Blues, one of the more interesting local releases of 2010. Anyone wanting to continue their Memorial Day partying can certainly do so tonight down in Old East Dallas.

Cody Jinks at Adair's Saloon
Fort Worth's Cody Jinks has played everything from heavy metal to hardcore country, but these days the guy is much more comfortable plying his craft in a good old-fashioned honky-tonk. And Adair's will surely do the trick on this particular evening. Jinks' brand of hillbilly music is a lot like Steve Earle's -- tough and to the point. Songs like "Hippies & Cowboys" and "Curse the Sky" don't mince words or pull any punches. This is real music best suited for some real drinking.

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