Listen to the First Track Off New Fumes' New Album, a Collaboration with Wayne Coyne

Dallas native Daniel Huffman is preparing to release his second album as New Fumes, and we've gotten our first taste — a collaborative track with Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips. "Rioter's Milk" will be the sixth of 10 tracks on Teeming 2, due Nov. 24 via Red Cult Records.

Huffman has made a name as a touring guitarist for the Polyphonic Spree, a touring member and frequent collaborator of the Flaming Lips, and a fixture in his own scene-making bands, such as Comet and Ghostcar.

Huffman's solo music as New Fumes isn't easy to understand. His tunes are sometimes referred to as “offbeat electronic” or “colorful weirdo rock." Chanting voices distort into a cacophony of synthesizers, guitars, drums and new voices. Any melody or structure established at the beginning of a song is rarely there at the end. This is all true of "Rioter’s Milk," which has an industrial crunch and a driving backbeat.

The artists recorded Teeming 2 in Huffman's South Dallas home, a monolithic dome. It was a beast of burden for Huffman; he spent nearly five years completing it.

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