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In A Piece Written For Paste, Lou Barlow Equates Good Records To A Church

In case there was any doubt that Nic Hernandez was spot on about Lou Barlow's in-store performance at Good Records last week, Barlow himself confirmed as much today. While out on the road right now with Dinosaur Jr. and Built to Spill, Barlow, who is playing at least two sets a day on this tour (one with Dino and a second with a set own solo material opening each show), is keeping a diary of his experiences for Paste's Web site.

And, just as Nic had quoted Barlow as saying in his review, Barlow indeed equates playing record stores to "like playing in a church." Check out Barlow's top highlight from his swing through Dallas, Houston, Austin and Oklahoma City:

#1. Playing an in store [sic] in Dallas at Good Records, I use my ukulele and Tom accompanies on electric guitar. The store is fairly empty, with a high ceiling. My voice rounds the corners and comes back in a nice way. In-stores are like playing in a church for me. I love it for that reason and say as much. This will be the first duo in-store for Tom and I. He's the bomb. Tom the bomb. I get the new White Denim CD.
So there you go. White Denim, meanwhile, plays a free Halloween show with Neon Indian at the Granada Theater tomorrow night. RSVP by sending an email to [email protected].

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