In Case You Missed It: Bucks Burnett's Eight-Track Museum To Open on Christmas Day at 2630 E. Commerce St. in Deep Ellum

This morning, over on Unfair Park, Robert unveiled the final details surrounding Bucks Burnett's Eight-Track Museum opening in Deep Ellum, which, sure enough, as this post's headline implies, will come on Christmas Day at 2630 E. Commerce St. in Deep Ellum. Most will recognize the building the museum will call home as the Deep Ellum Foundation building.

From 1 to 7 p.m. on December 25, the museum will host its grand opening with an exhibit entitled Conceived in Cars: Birth of the Eight Track 1965. Cost to enter is $10, which doesn't seem an altogether bad take. Especially considering the already-announced reason for you to spend your Christmas afternoon in Deep Ellum: Hagfish's Christmas Day concert at Trees.

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