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In Case You Were Curious: Bowling For Soup's Self-Esteem Levels Remain As High As Ever.

Denton's own Bowling for Soup has never necessarily been known for its modesty. But a new songs from the pop-punk outfit find the band taking taking its confident feelings to a whole new level.

The song, called quite simply "Here Comes Bowling for Soup!," apparently acts as the band's theme/intro song at live shows and boasts that the band offers up "The Greatest Show on Earth." I wonder how Ringling Bros. feels about that. Or the 1999-2001 St. Louis Rams for that matter.

Anyway, this week, the band directed its Twitter followers to where they could find the track as free download. Head here to download the track or to, as we just did, simply stream it as a reference point and move along with our lives.

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