It's Not Quite, Say, Black Tie Dynasty's Breakup, But EpiTas Calls It Quits Today

Local rock band EpiTas has called it a day. Here's the dope from an email the band sent me last night:

Times are changing and EpiTas founding members George Miadis and Bill Mantza have decided to go different directions. Each individual will pursue personal projects. Although EpiTas has ceased to be, the Myspace page will remain so fans can keep in touch with these new projects by clicking on George and Bill's personal pages. We would like to thank all of our fans for their support. Rock on! There will be music despite everything.

This news is especially sad when you consider that the band had great potential. This time last year, EpiTas allowed DC9 to offer up a MP3 of "Wider Skies," a great song off the band's debut full-length.

Now it looks like it's back to the drawing board for Miadis and Mantza and the rest of EpiTas. Here's hoping whatever musical direction the members decide to go with in the future continues to be as fresh and interesting as what they've already accomplished.

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