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It's Tough Not To Think Of Jackson Browne When Discussing Somebody's Darling, Huh?

Just finished listening to the new, self-titled EP from local alt-country outfit Somebody’s Darling and think it’s one of the best discs to come across my desk this year.

Full of spit and fire, the band is led by Amber Farris, whose powerful set of pipes galvanize the entire group. Sounding a bit like Deborah Harry fronting the Old 97’s, songs like “Farewell,” “Heart’s Too Young” and “Chug Chuggin’” are rough-around-the-edges country-rock tunes that go down well with a couple of Shiners. “I ain’t easy/I ain’t even trying to pretend,” sings Ferris on “Easy,” the EP’s best cut, letting loose with a load of candor that bodes well for the band’s continued growth.

Somebody’s Darling’s CD release show is this Sunday at The Cavern. Adding to the fun will be John David Kent (from Celeste) and Austin’s Mike and the Moonpies, a couple of acts who know a thing or two about authentic Americana.

Anyone looking for a good after-church activity this weekend would do well to check into this show and to pick up a copy of Somebody’s Darling new EP. --Darryl Smyers

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