Two weeks back, you may recall, we passed along a free download of local rapper Jay Fresh's take on the unavoidable Jay-Z and Kanye West song "Otis," for which Fresh had a little help courtesy of a production update from electronic artist and new Pretty Lights Music signee, SuperVision.

A few updates on that front: First of all, in that post, we referred to SuperVision as a Denver act; turns out, despite the promotional material for the artist, that isn't exactly true. SuperVision's been up there for a spell, yes, but he too is a Dallas product. You might know him better from his days as DJ Richard Blake, when he held residencies at Ghostbar and Suite a few years back.

Second of all, there's a new music video out this week for the song, which, again, is something of a banger, turning the track on its Otis Redding-sampling head and giving it a shiny electronic sheen. The music video comes courtesy of Friend of Program Josh Romero; it's his first-ever attempt at a formal music video, and it's a hell of an effort. Give it a watch after the jump, where we'll also spill the third and perhaps most interesting of all of our updates on this Jay Fresh and SuperVision front.

Jay Fresh and SuperVision Release "Otis" Remix Video, Promise Big, Big Things For Friday Gig

Nice, right?

OK, so that last update: Jay Fresh and SuperVision will be performing together this Friday night at Elm Street Bar, which just re-opened last week. Expect the two to perform this song together. And expect the whole show to be kind of a big deal, too: " We are planning on bringing in a $30,000 lighting rig that will make [Pretty Lights Music] fans proud," says SuperVision's manager, Benjamin Schroeder.


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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.