Joe Jonas Play Joke?

Somehow I missed this when it first appeared on Gossip Teen, but apparently Jonas Brother and Westlake resident Joe Jonas is a big fat racist jerk. At least, that's what Us seems to imply in its item about the "controversial" photo.

All Us magazine knows is that someone took a picture of him stretching his eyelids with his pinkies and sent it to Gossip Teen. "No word on when or where the shots were taken," the magazine admits. But not knowing the context of the shot isn't stopping those protectors of the easily offended from sniffing that the gesture is "considered defamatory to Asian people."

The magazine points out that Miley Cyrus made a similar face back in February, drawing criticism from Asian Pacific American advocacy group OCA. Hopefully the OCA will get right on this case and force Joe to issue a half-assed apology as well. 

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