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Kanye West's Dallas Screening Didn't Go Exactly as Planned: Recap, Photos and Video

This past Friday, Dallas rap fans got to experience a moment in pop culture together. In crowds upwards of 300, they took to the streets to watch Kanye West's latest experiment in new media marketing: guerilla public screenings of the video for his single "New Slaves."

Deb Doing Dallas & Vanessa Quilantan

The Dallas outing came almost a month after the initial worldwide screenings, when West performed on the season finale of Saturday Night Live. It also lacked a second video that debuted in various markets this weekend- a strange homage to the screen adaptation of Brett Easton Ellis' American Psycho starring Keeping Up With The Kardashians regulars, Scott Disick & Jonathan Cheban. None of that seemed to tarnish the moment, however. Dallas' "New Slaves" debut would prove to be a memorable experience for the fact that it took place on the day West's sixth studio album, Yeezus, leaked onto the internet- and would carry over into the next day, as Kim Kardashian gave birth to the rapper's first child.

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