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Kid Cudi Takes A Picnic (Or: Might Picnic Have A Track On The New Kid Cudi Disc?)

Tonight's House of Blues show boasts a sweet little bill, featuring two of the hottest emcees of the moment, with Asher Roth, whose "I Love College" was almost unavoidable for a minute there, and Kid Cudi, whose "Day N Nite" rose in pretty much the same, if somewhat of less fratty and more backpacker-y, vein.

At the very least, though, Cudi's new Lady Gaga-sampled single, "Make Her Say" (see above clip), seems to indicate that his succes isn't of the flash-in-the-pan variety--which is good news for at least one local emcee/producer who has been working with Cudi on an upcoming track.

The always-busy Picnictyme, formerly of PPT and currently of Diabolical Fancy, Max Moon, The Cannabinoids (saying nothing of his own solo projects and production work), first worked with Cudi while producing a track Cudi was being featured on by Johnny Polygon. Later, Picnic passed Cudi's management a track for consideration for his as-yet-unreleased solo debut--and he received rave reviews from both Cudi and his people. The result? Cudi worked out a song to the beat Picnic provided, and, according to Picnic, there's a good chance the song could end up on the buzzing Cudi's highly anticipated first full-length.

"We definitely have a track together," Picnic says. "It's complete and mixed and mastered and everything."

Unfortunately for him, though, Picnic still hasn't heard the finished product: "They're not gonna let me hear it yet," he says. "They don't want it to get leaked."

But this much is certain: Picnic will be in attendance at tonight's show. And with any luck, he'll find out more information on where the track will end up.

"They told me if it doesn't end up on the album, the track will definitely end up somewhere," Picnic says.

He just doesn't yet know where.

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