Kristy Kruger Takes a Nasty Spill While on Tour

Ever the road warrior, Dallas-based singer-songwriter Kristy Kruger recently found herself performing a gig in Victor, Idaho. The show went well enough, but the load out proved problematic.

Check out that photo to the right. Yeesh.

"I'm not sure how exciting the story is," Kruger tells DC9 via email. "All that happened was that I was loading my gear after the gig, and I tripped and fell in the street and cut my face and head in several places. A bartender was cleaning me up with a rag."

To add insult to injury, once Kruger posted the accident photos on her Facebook page, folks didn't bother to read the whole story and assumed Kruger's boyfriend was responsible for the injuries. On Thursday, Kruger dismissed that notion, posting this response:

To clear up any confusion, my boyfriend DID NOT HIT ME. He did, however take me to the doctor, buy me a lollipop, cooked me mac and cheese, put ointment on my face everyday and even browned out one of his eyes with a marker so I didn't feel so insecure.

Always the trooper, Kruger drove almost a thousand miles, from Jackson, Wyoming to Amarillo and went on with the tour. There is one noticeable difference at these shows, though.

"I play my shows with sunglasses," Kruger writes.

Here's hoping she gets well soon.

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