KXT: Local Music For Your Eyes

I've got a few issues with KXT-FM (91.7) -- chief among 'em, the KERA offshoot boasts the smallest play list in the history of broadcasting. And what in the what is up with all the mysterious blackouts? But, I know, growing pains and patience ... got it.

For now, then, I'll forgive the Matisyahu fetish and focus on the extraordinarily positive: I just noticed that KXT has been posting to its YouTube channel all of its in-studio performances, including ones from Danny Balis, Sarah Jaffe, Andrew Tinker and The O's. A Happy Bullets performance was just added to the rotation; hence, its inclusion here. That, and the fact it's precisely what the station ought to be playing. Because I think we're good with Bryan Ferry doing Bob Dylan.

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Robert Wilonsky
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