Last Night: BT at House Of Blues

House Of Blues Dallas
March 16, 2010

Slightly better than: The Stars' upset victory a few blocks away. I don't know much about hockey. How often does a team win by six points?

Brian Wayne Transeu, a.k.a. BT, is, if anything, a huge music nerd. His experience with electronic music and classical composition has etched a mark in the electronic music scene. February saw the release of his latest album, These Hopeful Machines, a return to the artist's style of trance music after his 2006 ambient album This Binary Universe.

BT graced the House of Blues last night with opener Glint. How does his new material stack up in a live venue? Pretty well, actually.

BT's latest tracks went with a dazzling light show--expected of most trance DJs. The crowd was on its feet throughout recent hits such as "Suddenly" and "The Emergency," along with a few past hits. However, the chorus of "Emergency"--"Today is the day/That I love you"-- sounds hokey in an Italian-disco-with-English-lyrics way.

Transeu could stand to be a little more exciting on stage. His presence mostly consists of his charming good looks and hand gestures ranging from pointing in the air to waving the crowd upward. A little live vocals wouldn't hurt, given that his work has a bunch of his own voice.

Surprisingly, there were few ravers in the crowd. Did BT ever have a rave base, or did everyone there just grow out of their screaming neon colors phase?

Opening for BT, the band Glint gave their take on rock with some electronic influence out of Depeche Mode to Pretty Hate Machine period Nine Inch Nails.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.