Last Night: Star Slinger and Mux Mool at the House of Blues' Cambridge Room

Star Slinger, Mux Mool
House of Blues' Cambridge Room
October 13, 2011

Better than: yesterday's Rangers game.

Perhaps you've heard of Star Slinger by now. His smooth, sexy and sample-heavy hip-hop beats have earned him accolades from nearly every music publication and caught the attention of artists and labels the world around. To date, he's worked on a masive number of remixes for everyone from The Morning Benders to Nicki Minaj. And he doesn't show signs of slowing down soon.

After a planned tour with Braids and Baths fell through last year due to visa issues (which included a 24-hour detainment of Star Slinger in the Atlanta airport), he sorted his paperwork and has now embarked upon a huge U.S. tour with shows in over 30 cities.

His show in Dallas came hot off the heels of a slew of sold-out West Coast dates, including an L.A. show where even the infamous Paris Hilton was in attendance. On Wednesday night, he played in Austin to a packed house, where the zealous crowd even bumrushed the stage halfway through the set.

But this is Dallas.

The show started promptly at 9:30, and not a quarter of the room was filled by 10 o'clock. Hopes pinned on the "fashionably late" concert crowd, Brooklyn's Mux Mool took the stage, blasting out a genre-defying albeit somewhat spastic set. While his music was genre-bridging, which deserves some respect, it fell flat in that it was too frenetic for dancing. As a warm up act, though, he did his job, leaving the audience wanting for more.

At 11:15 sharp, Star Slinger took the stage with a short introduction: "I'm going to play some beats for you," he said.

And what beats they were.

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Eschewing turntables in exchange for a live setup of computer-generated stems hooked to a sampler pad and a mixer, Star Slinger breathed new life into his vast catalogue of songs. He opened with his new and first "official" single, "Dumbin," which, despite being released a mere two weeks ago, has already received support from such heavy-hitters as Annie Mac on BBC1, and Dallas-favorite Diplo.

The live version of the track featured considerable modulation, as was the case with all the songs in his set. While on record his songs are often hazy and looping, his live mixing, which included exaggerated syncopation and the frequent edition of rapid staccato claps, lent a unique energy and danceability to the songs.

Indeed, Star Slinger repeatedly urged the audience to dance, and though the room never came even close to filling, he threw down hard for those that were there and willing, delighting the loyal fans that had made it out.

Though the night started with the crowd merely swaying politely in time with the rises and falls of the warm, deep bass, everyone had warmed up by the night's end. In fact, one guy even busted out some full on staying-alive style disco dancing. Everyone cheered graciously when a favorite song came on -- namely any of his works from Star Slinger's Volume 1 mixtape. He ended the set by asking the audience what they wanted to hear -- a good move considering the intimate nature of the night. As such, "Punch Drunk Love" was the closer, the last fading hint of reverb marking the close of something pretty special.

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: I own every Star Slinger remix. And there's a ton of them.

Random Note: Shout out to the token black guy reeking like a combo of weed and maple syrup and jamming his ass off the whole time. You go, dude. That's what this is all about.

By The Way: You all totally missed out.

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