Last Time I Ate A Dimebag, It Wasn't Nearly This Tasty.

Last Friday afternoon, Jesse Hughey and I finally got around to checking out the new Reno's Bar & Grill and its marquis menu item, Dimebag's Blacktooth Whiskey Burger, which features a whiskey-soaked patty, onions grilled in Coca-Cola and an entire section of the local music community's heavy hearts.

Well, not really on the last part, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, here's my verdict: It's delicious. I'm a sucker for burgers anyway, but this one was extra juicy (thanks, whiskey!) and extra tasty (the one's were a delight). And, actually, the fries, which were adorned with some sort of spicy seasoning kind of rocked. So, too, did the jalapeno ketchup I dipped them in. Anyway, I'm rambling (and drooling), and I know my limitations as a food writer, so I'll stop. And, instead, I'll point you in the direction of Jesse Hughey's take on the place over on our food blog, City of Ate. Spoiler alert: He liked it, too. A lot.

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