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Like Everyone Else In Denton, Fizzy Dino Pop Signs to Waaga Records

Attentive readers will no doubt recognize Waaga Records' name. The more "experimental" Sacramento-based offshoot of Lesfe Records (Neon Indian) has already signed a couple young Denton acts to its growing roster in DC9 favorites Florene and FUR. It's an impressive enough start to the point where, in the past, we half-joked that the Sac-town label was fast-becoming the most powerful label in Denton.

Only, well, we're not really kidding any more: In our weekly (kidding... sorta) Fizzy Dino Pop check-in today, we learned that Fizzy Dino Pop is also about to become a part of the label's roster. And, as Avery Williamson reveals on his band's blog, fans can expect the first-ever Fizzy Dino Pop full-length to earn its release in early summer. The label, Williamson further reveals, will also book the band's upcoming West Coast tour--with Sore Losers, natch.

So, yeah: Most powerful label in Denton at the moment? Try arguing otherwise. We dare you, even.

And, since we're on the topic of Waaga already, might as well point you in GorillaVsBear's direction. We somehow missed it last week when it happened, but Chris Canatlini debuted a new FUR track from Bryce Isbell's upcoming split EP with Detroit's Coyote Clean-Up. The song's called "Clears Throat." Check it out--it sounds nothing like DJ Kool's "Let Me Clear My Throat," promise.

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