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Line Up Announced for Austin's 22nd Annual Old Settler's Music Festival

A lot of you may be asking yourself--just as I just asked myself--what in hell's name an Old Settler's Music Festival is. But before getting dismissive about anything not called SXSW, you might want to check out the line up for this shindig.

Over a four-day period (April 16-19), this festival will feature, among others: The Gourds, The Gibson Brothers, The BoDeans, The Greencards, Hayes Carll, Robert Earle Keen, Dave Alvin, Fred Eaglesmith, Marc Broussard and Ray Wylie Hubbard.

Holy Americana, Batman! That's one potent roots-rock line up. Sad, though, that the closest I can come to a Dallas connection is Hubbard who grew up in Oak Cliff.

One would think that Eleven Hundred Springs would be a good fit. Or maybe The O's? Oh well. Such quibbling is small potatoes when talking about a line-up that is already this strong...

The Old Settler's Music Fest takes place at the Salt Lick BBQ Pavilion and at Camp Ben McCulloch, on the southern edge of Austin. The platinum pass (which includes access to camping facilities) is a pricey $410. But a three-day ticket (sans camping) is only $95.

Looks like yet another excuse to drive south...

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