Listen: Play-N-Skillz Samples Madonna's "Holiday" For New Song Featuring Snoop Dogg

Speaking of local hip-hop bigwigs trying to make the most of Super Bowl weekend, two-time Grammy-winning Dallas production duo Play-N-Skillz released to iTunes yesterday its new single, a song scheduled to come on the brothers Juan and Oscar Salinas' upcoming EP release, Alter Egos.

Here's the thing, though: The song, called "Things We Do" and featuring Snoop Dogg alongside some mighty fine hook work from Skillz and some catchy lead rhyming from Play, just might be the best thing the act's ever done on its solo front -- or at least has the most radio potential.

It probably doesn't hurt that it's far and away the most pop-leaning track the group has ever produced, courtesy of a clever appropriation of Madonna's '80s hit "Holiday" on the beat.

Give it a listen after the jump, where you can also find a behind-the-scenes clip of the Salinas brothers and Snoop Dogg on the set of the shoot for the song's upcoming video.

Fun, lighthearted stuff, for sure.

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