Listen: Snippets From A.Dd+'s Upcoming When Pigs Fly Mixtape

Last we checked in with Picnityme, the former PPT member and current Cannabinoid the hip-hop producer was a busy man, wrapping up collaborations with Headkrack, Astronautalis and Johnny Polygon, among others. He's still pretty busy these days, too, having finally posted last week that Kid Cudi collaboration he promised then, too.

But we're more feeling his work with up-and-coming area rap duo A.Dd+--he created the beats for the duo's upcoming When Pigs Fly mistape, which is set to drop early next month. The duo, who some may remember from the Picnic-hosted Kixpo 2009 mix, and, around that same time, released another promising mix, called The Power of the Tongue.

Anyway, last week, Picnic and A.Dd+ leaked a track offering up snippets from When Pigs Fly--and it's a serious step up from the duo's last effort, for sure. The scene might be flooded at the moment with promising hip-hop duos, but this one's worth keeping an eye on, if for no other reason than that this outfit appears to have concocted a stronger sizzurp recipe than the others. Take a listen after the jump.

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