Listomania: 11 Songs That Remind Us Of Charlie Sheen's Winning Ways.

It doesn't seem to matter what's going on in Libya, Egypt or even Washington D.C.; somehow, a pretty mediocre actor's personal life has been managing to lead every newscast and dominate discussion on every talk radio show throughout the past week.

In some ways, though, the media's Charlie Sheen obsession is understandable. The recently fallen-off-the-deep-end actor never seems to run out of wonderfully ridiculous things to say. No wonder he set a record this week as being the fastest Twitter user to gain a million followers.

We're no different from everybody else. We simply can't get Mr. Sheen off our brains.

So, on that note we present you with a winning, Charlie Sheen-inspired playlist. Give it a listen and get your tiger blood on after the jump.

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Cory Graves