Listomania: 5 Local, Music Related Things We Should All Be Grateful For This Thanksgiving

1. The Granada Theater's early (or just plain thought out) starting times
Opening band at 9:00, headliner just after 10:00. What's not perfect about that? I get all these excuses from other club owners about alcohol sales and whatnot, but every time I exit the Granada at just past midnight, after witnessing another great show, a good supply of beer in my belly, I thank my lucky stars for having this oasis of good sense so close to my home.

2. CD Source
Sure the staff can be cranky and a bit eccentric, but hell, that's my entire family and co-workers as well. Not as trendy or as youthful or as smartly located as Good Records, CD Source is a heavenly mess of a music store. But if you've got a couple hours to kill on a Saturday afternoon, I can think of nothing better than spending it numbingly flicking through CDs looking for the perfect buy.

3. Salim Nourallah
After hosting Salim's DC9 in Space episode, I was struck by how much we take Mr. Nourallah for granted. Not only does the guy create great music, his production skills help other local acts sound better than they every have. Case in point, The Cut*Off. This motley quartet out of Cowtown already had a good sound, but Nourallah's skills have only sharpened the band's focus. Nourallah's gifted knob twisting may, in fact, be better than his compositional skills; and saying that does not detract from either of the man's talents.

4. Trees being opened again
Sure, the bookings haven't been life changing, but having this venue open once more is reason enough to be thankful. Watching Reunion Arena recently tumble to the ground brought on such a wave of nostalgia that I may spend the net couple of weekends at Trees no matter who is playing.

5. The Orphanage Radio Program on The Ticket
On Saturdays, from 10 to noon, Danny Balis and Gen-X Davy Lane talk music better than any other local radio hosts. Whether it's debating the merits of Radiohead or talking up local bands or events, Balis and Lane know their stuff. Throwing in a few sports points to keep management happy, the duo are factual and funny. If it weren't for their drinking habits, they might even warrant a longer shift.

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Darryl Smyers
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