Listomania: In Honor of Texas Independence Day, The 11 Most Texan Songs of All Time.

Whether they're deeply heartfelt tributes to the Lone Star State or commercial jingles burned deep into our memories that remind us where we're from, certain songs just seem very Texas to us. Some are by Texans that just seem to fit the Texas state of mind. Others are about Texas.

Either way, in honor of the 175th anniversary of Texas' declaration of independence, we present to you our list of the 11 most Texan songs of all-time. After the jump, give our selections, listed in no particular order, a look and the songs a listen.

Lyle Lovett, "That's Right (You're Not From Texas)"

Texans are a very diverse people, whose only unifying characteristic is their utter disdain for non-Texans.

Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson - "Luckenbach, Texas"
Gary P. Nunn, "What I Like About Texas"
The Naptime Shake, "Texas City"
So what if it's by one of out staffers? This song's all about history.
"Trucks, Trucks, Trucks, Trucks, Trucks, Trucks, Trucks"
Yes, it's from the Rodeo Ford commercial with past DOMA host Burton Gilliam and his crazy neon lasso. But it spawned two catchphrases -- "My gosh! That's too cheap!" and "We don't care how you git here, folks, just git here!" And the song may be the most memorable part of the ad. Besides, what says Texas more than trucks?
ZZ Top "LaGrange"

Because what would the Bible Belt be without whorehouses?

"Deep In The Heart Of Texas"

Yeah, it's obvious. But when Doug Benson during his most recent Dallas visit got a room full of stoners to clap along and belt out the chorus by prompting with "The stars at night are big and bright..." it proved that the scene in Pee Wee's Big Adventure was no exaggeration.

Terry Allen "Amarillo Highway"
Doug Sahm "Crossroads"
Doug Sahm - "Texas Me"
Willie Nelson - "Whiskey River"

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