Listomania: Ranking The Beatles' Musical Kids

It can't be easy to grow up with famous parents -- especially when you plan to follow in their career footsteps. As tough as it can be for the typical (we use this phrase loosely) celebrity offspring, having the additional scrutiny of the expectations that come with having a Beatle for a father would seem next to impossible to overcome.

And yet each one of the Fab Four have had sons who have attempted to follow them into the family business, albeit with varying degrees of success.

Because John's son Sean is in town tonight performing at Dan's Silverleaf with his latest venture, The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, we thought we'd rank the Beatles' musical offspring.

See who comes out on top after the jump.

5. James McCartney
Unlike his pair of noteworthy sisters, Sir Paul's shyest offspring has spent most of his life trying to stay out of the limelight as much as possible. Other than adding some guitar work on Paul's last couple of albums, McCartney's only son has only recently begun to feel comfortable releasing his own material. His latest EP, Available Light, was released this past September to almost no fanfare.

4. Julian Lennon
Back in 1984, Julian became the first Beatle kid to enter into the public spotlight. Despite scoring a No. 1 hit with "Too Late for Goodbyes," he faced an excessive amount of scrutiny from an unforgiving public. Pretty unfair when you consider the fact that he wasn't even raised by his famous father.

3. Sean Lennon
Besides getting a taste of the spotlight as 'that kid from Moonwalker,' Lennon seems to have caught all the breaks in life that his half-brother missed out on. Other than a trio of well-received semi-experimental solo albums, Sean has also been involved with Japanese trip-hoppers Cibo Matto as well as his latest project, Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger.

2. Zak Starkey
Although Ringo gave Zak his first drum kit at age 10, he also never had any intentions of his son following in his footsteps. Except, well, he did. Starkey had a brief stint touring and recording with Oasis, and has also spent the past 14 years touring with The Who in place of his godfather, Keith Moon.

1. Dhani Harrison
That Harrison looks and sounds nearly identical to his deceased father aren't the only reasons he's No. 1 in our book. There's also his work with Jeff Lynne to complete George's final posthumous studio album, Brainwashed; his work in art rock outfit Thenewno2; and his latest effort, supergroup Fistful of Mercy. Of all the Beatles offspring who entered music, Harrison's is by far the most compelling. 

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Cory Graves