Listomania: Seven Debut Albums Not Worth Being Saved By God

We're already started on a big weekend, folks. Earth Day and Good Friday are both happening now.

Plus, Sunday is Easter. Oh, and Passover ends next Tuesday.

Which brings us to this post.

In the original passover story, Jewish families would sacrifice a lamb to have their house passed over by the ten plagues God was dropping on the Egyptians. Among other nightmarish scenarios, if they failed to do mark the doorposts of their homes with lambs blood, their first-born sons would die.

So, in honor of this holiday, we've created a list of seven first albums that don't really deserve the pass-over treatment -- debuts that were duds in bands' otherwise incredible catalogs.

It's a stretch, we know, but bear with us. And, before I butcher any more Jewish history, let's just hit the jump and get on with the list.

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Daniel Hopkins
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