Local New Wave Act Mahteo Gets a Face Lift

The retro new wavers in Dallas' Mahteo are undergoing several changes. Founding member Rene Espinosa recently filled us in: “We are getting a new guy who will dedicate himself to vocals and we are even changing the name of the band.”

Rene, who formed the band with his brother, Raul, said a new name has not yet been chosen, but that the band will also bring in a new keyboard player and drummer. And this reincarnated Mahteo hopes to record as soon as possible.

“I’ve made contact with producer Stuart Sikes,” says Espinosa. “We will hopefully be working with him on our next release.”

But how much change should we expect in Mahteo's sound? The band’s debut EP, Nu Wave Republic, was a solid piece of Joy Division-inspired new wave filtered through the brothers’ south of the border heritage.

“We’re undergoing a facelift,” says Espinoza, "but we are keeping our old songs." --Darryl Smyers

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