Lyle Steadham, with the object of many adolescent affections.

Local Shock Rock Act Ghoultown Collaborates With Legendary Horror Hostess Elvira

Life After Sundown, the most recent release from the scary collection of local misfits known as Ghoultown, hit the streets last week and the band is about to head off to Europe for yet another tour. But, in even cooler news, Ghoultown frontman Lyle Steadham (or Count Lyle as he wants to be called) just emailed me about his band’s collaboration with legendary horror hostess Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Now, when I was a teenager, nothing delighted my pubescent mind quite as much as watching a late night horror movie and having Elvira (real name: Cassandra Peterson) break in before a commercial, wearing a slinky outfit that barely contained her two enormous assets.

While working the convention scene, Elvira happened to catch a Ghoultown performance at last spring’s Texas Frightmare Weekend. She expressed an interest in the band and Lyle promptly wrote a tribute song for her.

“Mistress of the Dark” is more of the raging cowpunk with a bloody twist that Ghoultown has made its stock, and the accompanying video is set to feature the still-vivacious hostess. An ultra-single CD/DVD is planned for release early in 2009 and Ghoultown will perform with Elvira at this weekend’s Screamfest event in Orlando. --Darryl Smyers

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