Looking For A Way To Get Rid Of Those Old, Crappy Local CDs? Give 'Em to Club Dada.

If you look around your place long and hard enough, chances are, considering that you do in fact read this blog, you've got a whole bunch of local albums somewhere.

And, in this digital age of mp3s (or, worse, download cards!), you've probably also toyed with the idea of simply tossing the discs -- or taking a fruitless trip to CD Source, who really could do with a 32nd used copy of Black Tie Dynasty's Movements in their inventory.

Well, consider this option: Donating your old discs to the folks currently working on restoring Club Dada.

City Tavern owner Josh Florence and his new ownership team at Club Dada are hard at work, trying to gear up the revered, shuttered Deep Ellum spot for a New Year's Eve opening (with a not-too-shabby lineup of Telegraph Canyon, Air Review and Smile Smile, by the way), and, in doing so, have undertaken a project to add a little more history to the already storied spot.

Florence and his team are currently soliciting old local album covers from music fans with surplus collections, with the hopes of laying out the covers as a collage to be used (under lacquer, of course) as part of the new Club Dada bar top. A cool concept for sure -- not altogether different from what City Tavern currently has going in its back hallways right now, with old show posters at the downtown venue.

Anyway, people interested in donating their old albums for use in this project are encouraged to drop albums off at City Tavern by the end of business tomorrow night. So, y'know, do that.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.