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Looking For Good Music Tonight? Check Into Death Vessel And The Action Design. Also: A Giveaway!

Death Vessel doesn't sound a thing like you'd expect it to given the name. So, no, you won't hear any thrash at this show. (E.B. Duet)

Suffering from the Thursday blues? A couple of touring acts are hitting area stages tonight that are definitely worth checking out...

Joel Thibodeau fronts Death Vessel, which performs at Hailey’s in Denton this evening. Thibodeau’s been compared to both Neil Young and Gram Parsons, and although it’s certainly difficult for anyone to live up to such comparisons, Thibodeau’s cracking falsetto and songwriting chops are indeed admirable. Death Vessel’s recently released Nothing is Precious Enough for Us is a great slab of understated alternative folk, plus the title could serve as a motto for the entire indie rock community.

And, on that front, the kind folks at Spune Productions have hooked us up three pairs of tickets to the show. First three people to email me with "Precious Enough?" in the subject line get the tix.

Those wanting a little more kick ought to head on down to Oak Lawn and check out punky popsters The Action Design at Sue Ellen’s. Hailing from San Francisco, this fashionable quartet’s sound is as clean and spunky as their exterior would suggest. The band’s debut full length, Never Say, hits the street next week and it’s a highly energetic collection of pretty music for pretty people.

So for the unwashed (and those with extra gas money), I suggest Death Vessel, but for those with (slightly) more refined tastes (i.e. you own a tie), I recommend The Action Design. You really can’t go wrong either way. --Darryl Smyers

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