Looking To Bolster That Vinyl Collection? UNT's Got Your Back.

The University of North Texas is having an auction -- and,

if you're in the market for a crap load of old vinyl, well, you're in luck!

Same goes, I guess, if you're looking for some new gear -- like, say a sousaphone.

Or a toilet. Or some TVs. Or, hey, a new (used) car!

Seems UNT is currently auctioning off a whole bunch of its property, including 30 different lots of old, choice vinyl, including, as should be expected, a whole lot of jazz finds and, yup, even some Bread, Midlake fans.

OK, so maybe it's not all greatness. But you can't really argue with the price: At the moment, none of the 15-item vinyl lots is going for more than five bucks a pop -- or, as I just figured out in my head, around 33 cents per disc, hey now.

Get to bidding right here.


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