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Madison Beer Continues to Build on Her Virality

Since her breakthrough in 2012, Madison Beer has forged a musical path to become a platinum-selling and chart-topping artist.
Madison Beer brings her Spinnin Tour to the South Side Ballroom on May 29.
Madison Beer brings her Spinnin Tour to the South Side Ballroom on May 29. Paris Mumpower/Sun-ny Side Up
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She has been one of the most recognizable faces on the internet for several years now, but Madison Beer is just getting started.

Now 25, she was catapulted into the spotlight at age 13 when Justin Bieber reposted her cover of Etta James' "At Last" on Twitter in 2012. Since then, Beer has forged a musical career as a platinum-selling and chart-topping artist.

Her 2018 debut EP, As She Pleases, was the first of several defining moments, with songs like "Home With You" and "Say It to My Face" charting on Billboard's Pop Airplay. The following year, her soulful tones, heartfelt lyrics and unique vocal and emotional depth earned Beer a record deal with Epic, which released her best-known singles, "Selfish" and "Reckless." To date, they've garnered more than 129 million combined views on YouTube alone.

Released in September 2023, Beer's latest album, Silence Between Songs, certified her as one of her generation's most influential and versatile artists. Tracks like "Dangerous" and "Showed Me (How I Fell in Love with You)" are moody, soft-rock ballads that further exemplify Beer's songwriting talents. The opener, "Spinnin" (one of Lana Del Rey's favorite songs), lent its name to Beer's current European and North American tour, which will bring her to South Side Ballroom in Dallas on Wednesday, May 29.

"As someone who's from the U.S., it's a little bit easier to tour here because you feel a little bit more at home," Beer tells Miami New Times (Dallas Observer's sister paper) from the road. "But then it's also exciting to tour in Europe because it's new places, new people, new things, but they're both great for different reasons. I've only had two weeks off in between both legs because I feel like otherwise, it's easy to get out of it because now you've adjusted to living your normal life again. And I guess for me, specifically, I get spoiled when I'm home doing my routines, going to my restaurants, hanging out in my pool and getting comfortable again. Versus only being home for two weeks, you're really only prepping for the next leg in those two weeks; you're not thinking about your regular day-to-day life."

As she passes the halfway point on this leg of her tour, Beer continues to prove her tenacity. It's another facet of what's already been an incredible start to 2024 for the young songstress, cashing in on her first Grammy nomination, which recognized Silence Between Songs for "Best Immersive Audio Album."

"It was so surreal," Beer says fondly. "I mean, obviously, that was just the most ridiculous thing that's ever happened to me, and I couldn't believe it. I still can't. It was just such an honor to go as a nominee and be a part of such a historic thing. It's been a dream of mine forever, and it's definitely been a long, long journey."

Beer's recent strides are evidenced in her latest single, "Make You Mine," which find her turning away from ethereal balladry. Within two weeks of its release, the house dance track earned the top spot on Billboard's Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart and notched more than 16 million YouTube views.
The music video is a nostalgic play on the 2009 cult classic Jennifer's Body, starring Megan Fox, a film Beer says she has always loved. It's an appropriate choice — both are instantly recognizable, viral social media sensations.

"What this song reflects about me as an artist the most is that it doesn't have to be one thing," Beer elaborates. "I think that even if I have songs that have been big in the past that are very, very different, that doesn't mean that I can't explore and do whatever. Especially as a female artist, I feel I'm always being shoved into a box of what genre and what category and what this and what that I can do. But I like so many different types of music! If I showed you my playlist, there are just endless different genres and categories, so why should I box myself into one thing when my own mood can be different and it can change?"

One thing the world might not know about Beer is her love for Miami.

"I grew up going to Miami every weekend of my childhood, so I'm basically partially from there," Beer says. "I really do say that I grew up just as much in Long Island as I did in Miami. My grandma lives there. My dad just recently moved to Miami. So I've got the city in my heart for sure. I just love it there. I love the people. I love the vibe. I love the weather. I love everything about Florida. I would not be shocked if I bought a house there or something at some point in my life."

For now, Beer is quietly, if gratefully, enjoying the acclaim her years-long career is producing as she looks forward to what's next.

"I've set so many goals and expectations for my life, and they've all sort of happened, but in ways I really didn't expect them to," she says. "I guess as I'm getting older, I just want to continue to be happy and do things that make me happy. That's just my number one priority right now in my life; whatever follows, I'm sure will be great."

Madison Beer, with Upsahl. 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 29, at South Side Ballroom, 1135 Botham Jean Blvd.; 214-421-2021. Tickets $37 via
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