Mark Your Calendars: The Residents To Make a Rare Appearance at The Granada Theater on February 3

A couple of days ago, Jesse Hughey did a great job cluing you in on all the great concerts coming to our area in the coming weeks, but if I may take a moment to point you in the direction of one he missed: Avant-garde legends The Residents are playing the Granada Theater on February 3.

Active since 1969, The Residents have released over 60 albums and EPs, blazing a trail of experimental music that is perhaps unmatched in music history. The trick is, no one really knows who they are: Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, but primarily associated with the San Francisco music scene, the members of The Residents have always closely guarded their actual identities. Appearing on stage in costumes (most famously as giant eyeballs with top hats) or behind screen, the band member's multi-media concert presentation is said to be other-worldly.

And it's music ain't bad, either: Beginning with the band's 1974 debut full-length, Meet The Residents, and including such remarkable works as 1979's Eskimo and 1988's God in Three Persons, The Residents' discography is a fascinating adventure in alternative music. Delving in electronics, found sounds, rock and roll parody and neo-classical, The Residents may have made a couple of bad records--but they have never made a dull one
Expect the unexpected as The Residents expand the boundaries of (un)popular music. I know I will be there. This is a must see.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.