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Mick Taylor's May 19 Show At The Granada Canceled Due To Illness

With the recent reissue of Exile on Main Street, my favorite effort from the Rolling Stones, my personal interest in catching guitarist Mick Taylor next Wednesday at the Granada Theater was pretty high. Taylor was in the Stones from 1969 to 1974--considered by many to be the band's greatest phase.

Perhaps Taylor's guitar skills were too good, though: Rock mythology has it that Keith Richards fired Taylor for overshadowing Keith himself.

Anyhow, due to Taylor's recent health problems, the May 19 show isn't going to happen--at least not until late summer. Earlier this week, the show was officially canceled. Here's the email from Taylor's management team that was sent to Granada owner Michael Schoder:

As you may have heard, Mick Taylor has been hospitalized after several dates in the Northeast. He felt a bit unwell, and as it was a Sunday, we decided to bring him to the hospital emergency room near the venue in Fall River, Massachusetts. We were told at first that he might be in the hospital only a day or two as a precautionary measure, but when a respiratory specialist was brought in, he strongly suggested caution and therefore, Mick remains hospitalized indefinitely with pneumonia. Initially I postponed only a couple of dates as we thought he would be back on his feet very quickly, but we have since decided that it is necessary to postpone the entire tour until August.

Here's hoping Taylor feels better and can resume his tour in August. Until then, check out that Exile reissue and see what got Taylor canned from the Stones.

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