Midlake Backs John Grant (formerly of The Czars) On New Album Due Out 4/6

Midlake fans still curious about why The Courage of Others took so long to finish receive a partial answer in a press release that arrived this morning, promoting a new album from John Grant, formerly of The Czars. The new album from the Midlake's Bella Union labelmate is being touted as a double-byline of sorts, as the album, called Queen of Denmark and due out April 6, is being referred as a "John Grant with Midlake" release.

And for good reason.

Co-produced by Midlake bassist Paul Alexander and guitarist Eric Pulido, the album was recorded in Denton over two four-month periods (one in late 2008, the other in mid-2009) in Midlake's hometown studio on North Locust Street during downtime from the band's own The Courage of Others recording process. Every member of the band performs on Grant's new album, but Alexander, Pulido and drummer McKenzie Smith perform on each of the album's 12 tracks.

It shows, too: In the release, like Midlake, Grant cites a pool of '70s influences, and the album sure fits right in along Midlake's recent retro-folk aesthetic.

If nothing else, this news explains why Grant's touring with Midlake from April through early June (the two already toured together in the past, when Midlake was touring to promote The Trails of Van Occupanther).

But, according to the presser, it's far more than that.

"I spent a year thinking I was going to try and kill myself," Grant says, before crediting his new Midlake pals for turning things around for him. "What those guys did for me... I can't thank them enough."

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